Parish Choir

1895 - First Choir Photo

1909 - First surpliced choir : 25 adults, 4 children

1930 - Increase to 12 children

1975 - Twenty of our youth choir participated in pilgrimage from York to Cayuga High School to celebrate 100 Years of Anglican Diocese

1986 - A Fund raiser: 8 hour Hymn - a-Thon - singing of 812 hymns (1st verse)

1994 - Junior Choir known as St. Paul's Angels performing liturgical dance

2004 - Eight of our Junior Choir members participated in church music festival in Hamilton

2017 - Eight dedicated adults. 

Choir practice is on Thursday at 7 pm and during the winter time at 11.30 am

Please join us for a friendly time singing, You would be most welcome!

“Bless O Lord us Thy servants who minister in Thy temple,

Grant what we sing with our lips, we believe in our hearts

And what we believe in our hearts, we show forth in our lives.

“Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.”

St. Paul's Anglican Church

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Fr. Kevin Cull

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