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Outreach Team

“In all things give thanks; for everything that we are personally blessed with; for our support network at St. Paul’s and beyond; for our team’s unwavering commitment and enthusiasm; for the bond that we share; and for the many people unknown to us who make all of our efforts worthwhile.”  Amen


St. Paul’s has been involved in Mission Outreach for many many years.


Our current Mission Outreach team consists of eight dedicated members. We help support people locally, nationally and internationally.    Our support begins with prayer and includes financial assistance also.

At the moment, we have international partners through SAMS (South American Missionary Society), in Peru and Chile and MECO (Middle East Christian Outreach), Bev and Chris Rupke in Egypt.    We have also given support to Fr. Mponda and his church in Malawi.   We have a special friendship with Fr. Mponda as he and his wife Esther have visited us several times. 

Nationally we help the Diocese of the Arctic as well as being able to give assistance last year to a family from Fort McMurray who were impacted by the fires there.


Locally our support goes to the Salvation Army, the Youth Impact Centre, Haldimand Pregnancy Care Center and the Haldimand Norfolk Women’s Services. 

We also support Foster Children, Aramatu and Saadatou are the two children we are supporting at the moment.

We raise funds through donations from parishioners as well as many fund-raising events the outreach team holds, including a plant and book sale, clothing sale, Quiz night and many other events.

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